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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Dear Friends & Members of the Temple of the Silver Star, Academic Track Students, Study Group Attendees  & the General Public,

We find ourselves in recent months in the most difficult of times.  Uncertainty about the future and worry about our health, safety, and security prevail.  The Stars that we are and the Orbit we traverse seem tested in every possible manner - in fortitude, strength, perseverance and dedication to the Great Work.  We face trials of discernment and right action in the face of this turbulence.  How should we respond - when the factions of chaos seem ready to strike at our every turn.  In times of uncertainty, I have found meditating upon these words from The Book of the Law, to be very helpful:

"Fear not at all; fear neither men nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything. Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly, nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth. Nu is your refuge as Hadit your light; and I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms..."  (Liber AL vel Legis, Chpt III, verse 17).

We are at the precipice of a New Dawn, the Awakening of the Crowned & Conquering Child of the New Aeon.  As the birth pangs of our Mother Nuit subside in cascading ripples heard throughout the Universe, we upon the Earth bear witness to the death and destruction of the Old Aeon as it falls crumbling beneath Her feet.  We rejoice as the Light which shineth in the Darkness emerges Glorious and Victorious.

For all Aspirants to A.'.A.'., the chief Aim of all our spiritual work is union with the divine, reverently referred to in our tradition as "Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel."  In this respect, we are reminded of the necessity of this one-pointedness in the words of Nuit, "if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit..." (Liber AL vel Legis, Chpt I, verse 52).

How then, should we respond to these agents of chaos, destruction and distraction we find lurking about us? Should we engage every argument and battle every despot while also charging into the streets? Or should we sit idle, waiting for some Nirvana to wipe away the false illusion of Maya which seems to have engulfed the entire planet in war, plague, enslavement, greed and all manner of hypocrisy?

To this, I have no simple or single "one answer" but, instead, suggest that the time is nigh at hand for every Aspirant to fuel their fire in love and adoration towards Nuit, letting your Heart shine and pour forth brilliance into the darkened world and, with "One Star in Sight," set your Aim upon the Starry Shore of your Beloved - achieving K & C of the HGA.  With every increase in knowledge of your True Self, the Voice of the Angel grows stronger.  With every increase in knowledge of your True Self, may you find right action in the face of these adversities. It may be the courage to speak up, stand up, SHOUT if you must--or it may be to take refuge in SILENCE, deepening your meditation and connection with your HGA, emanating potent vibrations of universal peace and an end to both suffering and the causes of suffering for all beings.

Study Group is open to the general public. We welcome all who share our enthusiasm for the Great Work. All newcomers should expect to submit a preliminary introduction via Contact Form, anticipating a reply email and/or phone call from our New England Campus, Study Group (TOTSS Academic Track) Instructor to answer any preliminary questions. We also host socials, seasonal celebrations, and sometimes even gather for “Thelemic Coffee House” discourse outside of campus.  We offer a safe and inclusive, judgement-free atmosphere for all persons and voices, genders, sexual orientations and pronoun preferences, colors, social/cultural backgrounds and aim to do our best with accommodations for differently abled persons (including wheelchair access). We require respectful decorum appreciating each individual Star's sovereignty at all times; overtly divisive rhetoric or off-topic politicizing is not appreciated. In the words of our Prophet: 


"Every Star has its own Nature, which is 'Right' for it. We are not to be missionaries, with ideal standards of dress and morals, and such hard-ideas. We are to do what we will, and leave others to do what they will. We are infinitely tolerant, save of intolerance..." (The New Comment by Aleister Crowely on Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter II, verse 57). 

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to also Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, YouTube & Soundcloud.

Love is the law, love under will.

Soror Scarlet

TOTSS A.T. Instructor



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